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I'm Linh, your Virtual Samurai.

When you’re paving your own path as a solo or small business owner, it's up to you to keep the business running smoothly… in addition to doing the work itself. It can be frustrating and time-consuming. Even when it does go well, it keeps you from the work you'd rather be doing.


Samurai (one who is a servant) were employed for their skills to defend the lord's territories against rivals (marketing), fight enemies identified by the government (admin support), and battle hostile tribes and bandits (customer service). Sound familiar??


​Handling everything with no IT department, marketing strategist, financial specialist, creative team, and the day-to-day grind can quickly cause burnout and jeopardize your business.

With a chime of a bell, this is where I slide in. As your Virtual Samurai, let me use my finely honed skills to handle all the details and help slice through your daily operations and projects so you can stay balanced and focus on executing your beautiful vision. 

Linh Doan Virtual Samurai
About Me
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Let me take care of the things that take the most time, are the least valuable, and are done the most often. So you can stay within the 5% of revenue-generating activities in your business. 

Virtual Samurai Services

Here are my services but by no means limited to these...

  • add clients to CRM

  • admin management

  • appointment scheduling

  • business card design

  • business gadgets & trends

  • calendar management

  • consulting

  • content posting and repurposing

  • creative brainstorming

  • customer support

  • data entry

  • digital business cards NFC technology

  • email monitoring 

  • email newsletters

  • event planning

  • excel spreadsheets

  • google workspace

  • invoicing

  • logo design

  • logistics

  • marketing basics

  • online shopping

  • opening accounts

  • order gifts

  • ordering copies of handouts & shipping

  • organization

  • pay bills

  • pdf creation

  • photography basics

  • problem-solving

  • proofreading

  • research

  • social media management

  • solution creations

  • transcriptions

  • travel planning, itinerary & booking

  • video editing basics

  • website building, design, & maintenance


Virtual Samurai Pricing


I have a simple, straightforward, easy approach to pricing:

  • $50 an hour for my services, available in 10-hour chunks.

  • $65 an hour for my services, available in 5-hour chunks

  • $85 for hours booked individually.


In all cases, I offer these as a “Virtual Samurai Debit Card.” You buy the quantity you want upfront and use it at whatever pace and for whatever services (or combination) you like. Each “chunk” is good for 6 months.

Click here to schedule 30 minutes to find out how we might work together.
It’s free.  It’s 30 minutes.  It’s all about you.


No contracts or monthly minimum required.

No refunds or cancellations after purchase. 

Purchase / Reload Virtual Samurai Debit Card NOW



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E-transfer accepted within Canada:

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Virtual Samurai Booking

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call to find out how we might work together. 
It's free. It's 30 minutes, It's all about you!

Discovery Call
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Virtual Assistant

I would be honoured to help slice through your workload, so you can stay focused on executing your vision.  I am happy to speak to you anytime to see if I can help. 

London, Ontario, Canada  EST

+1 (647) 616 4818

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